Sari is a traditional Indian outfit for women. It is very comfortable when you get used to it and it definitely flatters any type of body shape.

Traditional Indian clothing

  1. Choose the right type

If you are not very tall, choose the saris with a narrow border which helps to make you look taller. For tall ladies, Indian women recommend to wear saris with a wide border.


Trends in Sari 2017-18

Women with darker skin tone usually prefer light saris, while light-skinned ladies opt for dark colors.

  1. Find the right top

The top blouse (choli) is an important part of the outfit. It is usually done by a tailor and fits you like a glove

Traditional tops under saree

  1. Find the right petticoat

Sari is not only the long piece of material that we see. Underneath, there is a petticoat which holds the whole outfit. It helps to fix the folds and makes it more comfortable to wear the sari. Usually, the petticoat matches the color of the sari itself.

  1. Try your sari on

After finding the right petticoat and making a blouse, try the whole outfit on. It should not be too tight and should not fall down. The folds have to be neat and look in the same direction. If you do not feel comfortable tucking the material in, use pins to fix it.

traditional clothes

  1. Find right accessories

The best variant here is to choose the ones in traditional or ethnic style. Don’t be afraid to wear massive bangles, necklaces and earrings. You can also have a nose stud and decorate your hair.

Traditional Indian jewelry

  1. Don’t forget about a nice pair of shoes

The best option here would be a pair of sandals with an open toe and medium heel.



Traditions in everyday life

  1. Be confident

Your confidence should be seen from a distance. Remember that you are the most beautiful lady, that everything in you is in harmony.


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  1. How to wear a sari


How to wear a Sari: scheme



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