The main idea of and Indian wedding ceremony is showing everybody around that the newlyweds accept each other as a husband and a wife.

The ceremony is held inside a special tent (mandap) the four pillars of which symbolize the bride and groom’s parents.

Wedding in Indian style

The Panigrahana Hathlewa ritual – bride and groom’s hands are tied with a thread or a piece of material symbolizing their indissoluble union. Then the brahmin makes a puja to Ganesha.

Gathabandhan is a ritual during which the bride and groom’s clothes are tied in a knot which should not be ever untied.

Ladja Homa is held in a sacred mandap. The bride and the groom throw rice into the sacrificial fire. The couple hold their hands together, while the brahmins places rice in their palms. Then the bride throws it into the fire asking Yama – the lord of the dead – to give her spouse long life, happiness and health.

Traditions Of India

Agni Parinaya in the climax of the ceremony, The from holds the bride’s hand leading her around the fire. Each circle symbolizes the main values of a human being: dharma (life), artha (wealth) and kama (love).

Saptapadi – the bride and groom face the north and then take seven steps together starting each from the right foot. The ask gods the give them food, health, spiritual powers to follow dharma, children, prosperity, happiness and long life.

Traditional Indian wedding

The final rite in Sindurana. The groom puts sindur (red powder) on the bride’s hair which means his accepting her as his wife. Then he gives her a golden necklace that symbolizes his love to her. After the husband and his wife give each other sweets as a promise to take care of each other. In the end, a brahmin blesses them both.

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