Your wedding on majestic Goan beaches – the holiday of a dream

If marriages are made in heaven then Goa is its real affiliate. And who doesn’t want to be blessed by heaven? Long vast beaches, unique landscapes, soft crash of blue waves, exotic fruit and plants – all this makes the atmosphere almost unreal.

Our company run by a decorator Yana van Engeland is ready to fulfill any your wish and organize the best wedding ceremony where endless ocean and tall palms will witness the birth of your alliance. If you want this day to become the brightest and most exciting in your life and stay in memory for ever then you are in the right place.

Wedding in Goa – prices for 2018-2019

Many couples who dream about an exotic ceremony have to give up this idea because of high prices. Our prices start from $300 for the basic package which includes a flower-decorated arch, wedding planner and MC, a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere. When the ceremony is over, the couple gets their marriage certificate and compliment drinks. The wedding site is one of the Goan beaches.

The Goawedding team will take care of all pre-wedding preparations. You only have to relax and enjoy yourselves.

We provide the best photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, decorators, hosts and DJs. Our team consists of true wedding gurus led by Yana van Engeland. You can also contact us directly avoiding touristic agencies and other mediators which helps to keep our prices low.

Spending the most important day of your married life in the atmosphere of universal love surrounded by fantastic views – what can be more romatic? We can organize a ceremony not only for young newlyweds, but also for older couples who decided to renew their vows. Those in love who are still thinking can assume a role of a bride and a groom having a symbolic wedding ceremony.

We can offer you the following variants:

  • Eastern Chic – your chance to feel like the characters of an Indian fable. A bride wearing a luxurious sari with mehendi on her hands; a groom wearing a fancy sherwani.
  • Tropical Mood – a simple package for the clients who do not plan a big celebration and just want to add a slight romantic touch in their holiday.
  • Sophisticated Boho – a perfect choice for those who love adventures and feel free in their souls. Boho is a mix of gypsy and hippie styles combined with handmade elements.
  • Paradise Island – a ceremony for those couples who wish to enjoy each other on a deserted beach surrounded only by sea, sky and trees.
  • Marine Variations – a wedding ceremony on a Goan beach. The best option for the couples who love the sea.
  • Exclusive – anything you want in one package. We will help your wildest dreams come true and help to realize the most exotic wedding ideas.
  • Luxury – the name of this variant speaks for itself. This luxurious offer includes only the best items.

We prepare everything thoroughly both for young newlyweds and for the husbands and wives who have said their vows long time ago. Our finest touch will help you meet a magnificent Goan sunset, feel the magic of mysterious India and eternal love to everything around you.

Yes, I want it. How to order?

We are based in Goa, so you can contact us on Facebook, VK or WhatsApp. You will then get through to your wedding planner and discuss all the details in messages or mail. Fill in an application form giving us your e-mail, and we will write you a letter. Soon you are going to be picking the perfect flowers to match your wedding dress and discuss the way you wish the napkins to be folded.

Feel free to ask any questions and offer any ideas that come to your mind. Love and good fortune follow those who opt for the best.

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