This Eastern-style ceremony would suite those of you who are interested in the culture of ancient and mysterious India with its numerous rituals and gripping Mahabharata tales.

Especially for those who dream to feel one day as an Indian raja and his princess, try on traditional Indian outfits and then dive into an Indian fairy tale. Our story-tellers and magicians are waiting for you.

Wedding site: Goan beaches or under a banyan tree.

What’s included:

  • Wedding site decorated with Asian flowers and Indian decorative elements
  • Vedic wedding ceremony conducted by Indian Brahmins in Sancrit
  • Traditional outfits (sari and kurta + accessories) for the bride and groom
  • Traditional Vedic rites, garland exchange, 7 circles around the fire
  • Interpreter’s services
  • Wedding garlands from fresh flowers, bracelets, necklace, toe rings
  • Services of an English-speaking coordinator
  • 2 hours photoshoot
  • Marriage certificate (informal)
  • Traditional treats – fruits and sweets
  • Indian highland tea made with masala spices according to an ancient recipe

from 549$

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